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Welcome to my DIY Home Renovation & Projects Blog!

In 1994, my mother bought our current home in Vancouver, Washington, and our mostly DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Renovation adventures began!

Photo from March, 2003

This house is listed as being originally built in 1939, and was lifted from its original foundation and moved to where it currently is from where Interstate 5 (The I5) is now.

When we began our journey here, we knew the house had great bones, but it also had a LOT of issues! Interior wall water damage from the previous owners leaving the windows open during rains, bad (or no) weatherproofing, and ugly, gouged, very damaged walls in most rooms.

Through a lot of hard work, consideration, and luck, we managed to get a lot done over the years – but home ownership is a never ending opportunity to learn, reconsider, and update your previous ideas.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you some of the home renovation projects we have completed so far, and those we continue to work on or update. I also hope you will enjoy learning and exploring our experiences, and maybe our adventures will inspire you to do some DIY renovations of your own!

Photo from September, 2016

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