Close up of the interior side of the front door, while being painted blue/green. Paint can and paintbrush on ground next to the door.

Need a distraction? Why not paint your front door?

After five or so years of being out of University, I recently have begun taking classes for a Web Design Certificate at Clark Community College.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE learning new things, but on October 23rd, 2016, I REALLY needed a break.

I decided the best thing to get my mind off the paper I was supposed to be writing was to finish painting my front door!

Earlier in the year, on September 13th, 2016, I had already painted the outer side of the front door in a color called “Ocean Radiance” from Valspar. It is a really lovely blue/green color which looks more navy blue at night and very ocean teal-blue in more direct sunlight. I already knew I loved the color, but I wasn’t so sure about painting the OTHER side of the front door – the side that faces into the living room.

Our living room is a sort of light turquoise green, which, though it was originally chosen and painted over twenty years ago by my mother, is still in awesome condition, and is back in style currently!

I was almost positive that the new color of the door would fit really well with the light turquoise green of the living room walls, but I had held off painting the inside of the door because I just wasn’t completely definitely really super positive of it yet.

But as I said, I -REALLY- needed a distraction from my homework. So I ran a damp rag over the inside of door to get any dirt/dust/cat fur off of the original white paint, and got to work!

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I am happy to say I love it, and am considering painting the lower part of our kitchen cabinets in the same “Ocean Radiance” from Valspar, whenever we get around to redoing the kitchen.

I can also say that painting your front door is a great distraction from doing homework, and since it takes several coats to get good coverage, you can easily spend a whole day working on this project!


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