Need some help on your Blog or Site? Add a New User!

Sometimes, especially when your WordPress Site has become really popular, you might find yourself needing a little help to maintain postings, comments, questions, etc.

In these cases, adding a new Administrator, Author, Contributor, or Editor to your Site might be just the thing you need!

Let’s go over what each of those titles – Administrator, Author, Contributor, or Editor – mean, and just how much control you could be giving them over your Site.


Once added, this person has full power over the website – like you do. They can add or change Posts and Pages, deal with comments, change settings or the theme of the Site, add users, or even delete the site completely. Only give this position to someone you REALLY trust!!!


An Author can create Posts, and then edit, add media, or delete ONLY their Posts. This is a safer option.


A Contributor can create and edit ONLY their Posts, but once it is created it must be submitted for review by the Owner or Administrator of the Site. Once the Post is approved, the Contributor cannot edit their Post, and they do not have the ability to upload any media. This is much safer then adding an Author or an Administrator, and gives you the option to have guest Posts to share information from another Blogger or Celebrity.


An Editor is much like an Author – they can create Posts, and then edit, add media, or delete Posts – but they can ALSO view posts not created by them, delete or change any Posts or Pages, and add or delete categories, tags, links and media. This is slightly lower then an Administrator, so be careful about who you give this position to!

While we are at it, I should mention that you, as Administrator, can add or change people’s positions pretty easily.

Screen capture of the Invite New Users to Your Blog page on WordPress
The Invite New Users to Your Blog page on WordPress

Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Users in your control panel
  2. Click the button that says “Invite/Add New”
  3. Fill in Usernames or Email Addresses of who you want to add (You can do more then one at the same time – as long as you want them all to have the same position)
  4. Select the Role from the drop down menu that you would like the new User to have
    Add a message if you want to
  5. Click the “Send Invitation” button

Once you have completed these steps, it is up to the New User to check their Email and accept the invitation you sent them. They then choose a password, and they are ready to help out on your Site!

What if you already have, for example, a Contributor, and you want to upgrade them to an Editor?

  1. Navigate to Users in your control panel
  2. Check the box next to the User name(s) you want to change
  3. Use the “Change role to” drop down menu to select a new role
  4. Click the “Change” button

That’s not too hard.

Hope this helps!


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