Do Some Good for the World!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what we all can do to make the World a better place, even though we have very busy schedules and lives ourselves.

Life can be very frustrating, and in today’s confusing times, it can be very easy to become  selfish and focus on our own needs and issues.

But we are not the only people having hard times, and we can all do a little something to help other people out too!

The easiest thing to do is smile more. Not only does it help your own mood, but it can also make a difference in another person’s day!

We can also compliment someone on their hard work, their clothing, or a ton of other aspects!

If someone has done something nice for you, thank them in person, and then back it up in writing. Everyone loves to be recognized every once in a while!

Is someone amazing, and you see an opportunity to get their awesomeness seen by other people? Nominate them for an award! Blog about their work, and make sure to link to or share reasons they should be appreciated!

One of the truest aspects of the World is you get back what you give, so get out there and spread happiness!


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Heather Dias

Student, Graphic & Web Designer, Home Renovator, etc. Passionate about sharing ideas and projects with others who are as excited by solving problems with Design as I am!