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Any changes in these policies will be updated here promptly. Continued use of the site will be taken as consent to these policies. They’re pretty reasonable, I promise!


Users of this site are allowed to use posts, information found within, and images as long as they link back to the original post on the item used, or mention where the content was taken from within the post directly.


  • Privacy is super important to me, especially as far as collecting Reader’s information is concerned.
  • While you are using the site, there may be certain areas where your name, contact information and basic information are collected for use as listed for each event.
  • This information is collected by WordPress and will be subject to the strict standards WordPress has in place already.
  • I value my Readers, and as such, I promise not to abuse the confidence given me when such information is submitted.
  • Furthermore, I ask that Readers do not leave their personal information on comments where others may view it, when applicable.
  • If such information is posted, I will do my best to delete it promptly. Thanks!


This web page is run and maintained by Heather Dias, and may be influenced or affiliated with groups and organizations such as Clark Community College, and the instructors and students who attend that location.


  • Where comments are allowed, it is expected that users of this site will be courteous, respectful, and understanding of other commenters and the website owner as well.
  • Any harassing messages, personal/private information, or spammy comments will be promptly deleted, or will not be approved to show on the site’s comment section, if applicable.
  • If anyone is found to be a repeat offender, the Blog owner reserves the right to block that user.